Robert Filliou – artist book – Livre-etalon / Standard-book (1982)
(1926 – 1987 France)

Livre-etalon / Standard-book (1982)
Robert Filliou spells with three Ls – ‘Fillliou’ on cover.
‘all literature – past, present and future – can be objectively evaluated at last, thanks to Livre-etalon / Standard-book, which alone ensures the faultless measurement and impartial assessment of printed matter(s)’.
English and French titles and text. Pages simply contain the numbers 2 – 19, one to a page for both the English and French versions.
Concertina format 4 x 4 cm (closed). Edition of 1000.
Dieter Roth (ed.) 1982.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions