Noreen Grahame
artist’s book
Lessons in Dictation

The absurdity of the dictation test as proscribed in Section 3(a) of the Australian Immigration Restriction Act of 1901 is evident in the farce surrounding the 1934 Eugon Kisch incident. Kisch, a Czech national and a communist, was invited to speak at a meeting organized by The Movement Against War and Fascism. Wanting to prevent Kisch from entering the country, the Australian government of the day, ordered he undergo a dictation test in Scottish Gaelic, a language selected with the intention the multi-lingual Kisch would fail. He did. A deportation order was issued but the Supreme Court of Australia overturned this decision.

Discussions in 2007 about reviving the dictation test to prove eligibility for Australian citizenship indicates Australia had not heeded this ‘lesson of history’.

12pp. 24.7 x 19.5 cm. Published in edition of 100 on the occasion of the exhibition Lessons in History held at grahame galleries + editions March/April 2007. Signed and numbered.
Publisher: number uno publications / grahame galleries + editions

Price $22.00

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2007 Southern Cross University Artist Book Award

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