Michael Phillips – artist book – Colour Books 1–5 Vol One (2020)


Colour Books 1–5 Vol One (2020)


Colour Books 1–5 Vol One (2020)
Colour Book 1 black/blue
Colour Book 2 rosa
Colour Book 3 orange
Colour Book 4 green
Colour Book 5 brown





enjoy turning the pages



In Michael Phillips artist book series Black Soil I and Black Soil II colour interweaves across the pages.
With this recent series Colour Books 1-5 Vol One Phillips works with one colour, or in the case of the first in the set with two colours. He prints and overprints the designated colour/s for each book in the set of five in what appears to the viewer to be an unrestrained manner. Everything is, however, controlled and the result is bands of rich colour subtly changing with each page. When the books are placed with the covers adjacent to one another the relationship of the colours change yet again. Rich, vibrant, and overwhelmingly lush we are compelled to turn the pages. Sol Lewitt would have loved them.

Each book 16 pages inclusive cover / colour relief print on Hosho Hik paper
 27 x 18 cm.
edition of 13 + 2 APs
initialled ‘MP’ in pencil inside back cover includes an accompanying etikette


sets – edition nos 1–10 of 13 $1,800.00
singles – edition nos 11–13 of 13 $400.00