Jan Davis – artist book – TERANIA (2018)


TERANIA (2018)

TERANIA is the name of the valley that lies to the north of the artist’s studio. To hold the open book in your hands is to feel the shape of that valley. To turn the pages is to make your way through the valley, to encounter its trees, its birds, and to be immersed in its fleeting atmospheric conditions. Day’s end closes the book.

demonstrates the way an artist’s book can encapsulate space, in this instance a specific geographic space, and describe the passage of time. The interplay of variably stamped text and subtle washes represent the life that unfolds across the valley. Davis is daily reminded of this work; when Terania valley becomes an ephemeral sea filled with morning mist, when crows fly across the evening sky or when a mighty storm rolls in.

Drawings interspersed with green and red stamped text. Grey bookcloth cover, with embossed title in black. Bound by Master Bookbinder Fred Pohlmann.
Stamping, ink wash, watercolour on Arches 185 gsm hot pressed watercolour paper. 22 x 28 x 1.5 cm. 48 pp. Edition of 3 + 1 AP.
Published by the artist.

One available (3/3) $1,800.00

Place, University of Wollongong library, toured various university & regional galleries in NSW and ACT, 2019/2020
Libris Awards, Artspace Mackay. 2020

State Library of Queensland
Artspace Mackay
Bibliotheca Librorum Apud Artificum