Ian Hamilton Finlay – artist book – A Boatyard (1969)
(1925 The Bahamas – 2006 Scotland)

A Boatyard (1969)
Twelve drawings of boats, eleven of which are name for:
A Boat, for Messrs Tait, Morgan and Garioch – Scottish Zulu
A Boat, for Ian Hamilton – Naggar
A Boat, for Derek Stanford – Ramsgate Tosher
A Boat, for Bob Cobbing – Barking Fish-Carrier
A Boat, for Stuart Montgomery – Swim Header
A Boat, for Arnold Wesker – Kofschip
A Boat, for George MacBeth – Schokker
A Boat, for Edward Lucie-Smith – Sharpie
A Boat, for A Alvarez – Bomb Ketch
A Boat, for Cavan McCarthy – Rye Cod Smack
A Boat, for Ian Hamilton Finlay- Shrimper
Printed in black on dark green/blue card one on each fold of the concertina format. 12.7 x 10.4 cm closed.
The Wild Hawthorn Press, Scotland, 1969.

Murray, Graeme 1990, Ian Hamilton Finlay & The Wild Hawthorn Press, 1958-1990, Graeme Murray, Edinburgh. p. 5.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions