Noreen Grahame
artist’s book
Stamp out Democracy (2012)

Used for official endorsements the humble rubber-stamp embodies power. For just that reason rubber-stamps are employed in Stamp out Democracy.

A minimum number of words ‘endorse’ the message that democracy is always vulnerable. Like all dangers that begin small and are ignored ‘stamp out’ grows in strength with each page until ‘democracy’ has been ‘stamped out’.

On the surface a light-hearted book commenting on the erosion of democratic rights. Below the surface, page by page, this light-heartedness is stamped out.

Rubber-stamps on Kaskad Wheatear Yellow and Curious Translucent paper. Machine bound with red cotton. 21.0 x 15.0 cm. Signed and numbered. Edition of 100.
Publisher: number uno publications / grahame galleries + editions

Price $22.00

Grahame, N 2012, Lessons in History Vol. II : Democracy, numero uno publications, grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane. pp. 28, 29
Grahame, N (ed.) 2015, Une histoire du livre d’artiste Australien, numero uno publications. p. 19. (illustrated p. 18).

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2012 Lessons in History Vol. II – Democaracy

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