Ken Searle
Little Books (10 X’s)

Ken Searle – a selection from Little Books
Ken Searle – bundle of Little Books

Ken Searle
Little Books (10 X’s)

Edition unknown
2.5 x 3.8 cm each book
Published by Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, 1977

Bundles of 10 little books:
Searle gives discards from offset printed journals new meanings in Little Books. Some titles are from the artist’s selection of an image with text. For others the title in his hand is printed and two are untitled. Staple bound. 10 books fastened with paper wrapper on which is printed 10 X ‘S.
‘Little Books’ were first exhibited in 1978 in the first international exhibition of artists’ book in Australia. The exhibition Books/Bookworks included artists’ books from the Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary and augmented by books by Australian artists.
In 2015 they were included in Une histoire du livre d’artiste australien a selection of Australian artists’ books exhibited at the Cabinet du livre d’artiste, Université Rennes 2. Une histoire du livre d’artiste australien was organised by grahame galleries + editions, Brisbane.

No. 72
Faces (is this you?)
Little Litter (initials KS printed back cover)
Sailing (initials KS printed back cover)
Untitled, (Daniel printed back cover)
Trucks (initials KS printed back cover)
Doodling (initials KS printed back cover)

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