International Works on Paper Fair (IWOPF) Catalogue, 1993
Catalogue produced to give to clients visiting the grahame galleries + editions stand
at the 1993 International Works on Paper Fair held at the Power House Museum, Sydney from August 5 – 8.

100 catalogues were printed offset.
The catalogues contain images of prints and exhibition histories of artists represented at the fair as well as details about the gallery since opening in 1987.

Five artists were asked to make 25 original covers.
Each was asked to produce the covers in a medium which reflected their work.
Raymond Arnold, Juli Haas, Ron McBurnie and Milan Milojevic made prints. John Honeywill made 25 individual watercolours.

Raymond Arnold
‘Ridge’, 1993

Raymond Arnold, 'Ridge' – closed cover from edition of 25

Raymond Arnold
‘Ridge’ etching with plate tone.
Edition numbers 1-20 plus 5 APs
Inscribed in pencil:
‘Ridge’; edition #; signed Ray Arnold and dated 1993

Arnold was living in Tasmania in the early 1990s. His concerns with the environment and with the conservation of the land verses development are present in his printmaking from this time.


Raymond Arnold – example of cover before folds

Juli Haas
“Last dance with the pieman”, 1993

Juli Haas, "Last dance with the pieman" – closed cover from edition of 25

Juli Haas
“Last dance with the pieman” hand coloured drypoint .
Edition numbers 21-40 plus 5 APs
Inscribed in pencil:
“Last dance with the pieman”; edition #; signed J Haas and dated ‘93

Juli Haas often maintained that the scenes in her work came from the world around her.


Juli Haas 'Last dance with the pieman' – example before hand colouring – untrimmed not folded

John Honeywill
Untitled, 1993

John Honeywill, Untitled – original watercolour closed cover

John Honeywill
Untitled original watercolour for each book.
Catalogue edition numbers 41-60 plus 5 APs
Inscribed in pencil:
0 with X through; signed John Honeywill and dated 1993

Each of the 25 covers John Honeywill made are original watercolours. They show his preoccupation with clouds, measurements, and the comparison of unrelated items such as the nail and chilli in the cover that has not been folded.

John Honeywill – example of a cover before folding

Ron McBurnie
“gluttony, lust and power”, 1993

Ron McBurnie, "gluttony, lust and power" closed cover from edition of 25

Ron McBurnie
“gluttony, lust and power” etching.
Edition numbers 61-80 plus 5 APs
Inscribed in pencil:
“gluttony, lust and power”; edition #; signed R McBurnie and dated 1993.

At this time Ron McBurnie had commenced work on large 8 panel etchings, smaller etchings as well as smaller works including the delightful waterolour and egg tempera works on paper and wood for his 1994 exhibition ‘The Temption of St Antony’. In “gluttony, lust and power” we are introduced to some of the temptations St Antony would be presented with and which McBurnie would elaborate on in that 1994 exhibition.

Ron McBurnie – example of cover before folds

Milan Milojevic
“Bronte Park (Fragment)”, 1993


Milan Milojevic 'Bronte Park (Fragment) – closed cover from edition of 25

Milan Milojevic
“Bronte Park (Fragment)” screen printed cover and endpapers
Edition numbers 81–100 plus 5 APs.
Inscribed in pencil:
“Bronte Park (Fragment)” and edition #; signed Milan Milojevic and dated ‘93

Many of Milan Milojevic’s works have drawn on his father’s post war journey as a migrant. During the late 1940s he worked on the Tasmanian hydroelectric project. The screenprinted cover ‘Bronte park (Fragment)’ is manipulated from a photograph of the artist’s father and his companions at their accommodation at Bronte Park.

Milan Milojevic – a cover showing folds

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