Colin Reaney
1952 Australia
The extended postmodern reader : The Appropriations of an Academic Vagrant (1996)

This is the third in Reaney’s postmodern series. The first two books were produced in 1995: The small postmodern reader and The big postmodern reader.
The extended postmodern reader… is a snapshot of the present, and a point of view in an on going conversational method of argument: Words…….but not sentences.
A performance piece:
The extended postmodern reader is placed on the floor. The viewer / reader opens the book by lifting the cover, walking the approximately 3 metres to open each page. This is repeated for each of the five leaves of canvas which are colourfully hand-painted on both sides with text such as, ‘set in….the fragmented institutional configuration of the academic left allocation where the new politics of difference – radical sexual….’.
11.0 x 149.0 x 4 cm (closed) 11.0 x 283 cm (open). Housed in box holder.

Grahame, N (ed.) 1996, artists’ books + multiples fair ’96, Numero Uno Publications, Brisbane. p. 63.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions