George Maciunas 1931 – 1987
George Brecht 1926 – 2008

Maciunas & Brecht – No Smoking

No Smoking, 1976
Offset print on light paper
Edition unknown
Sheet 42.5 x 42.5 cm
No inscriptions
Published by Armin Hundertmark, Editions Hundertmark
A Fluxus edition
In ‘Notes on Smoking’ the German artist Tomas Schmit remarks, “… a Lithuanian/American asthmatic, clinging to life with a large mountain of medicines. Even in the middle of crossing a street he would get out his throat spray. Sometimes he felt so bad that he would only let me talk to him through a gap in the door. Even if I was not smoking, the smell of tobacco that clung around my clothes brought him close to snuffing his candle…So he thought about pubs what we would think about no-beer-left…they made him terribly nervous. And each and every smoker was to him the devil incarnate. Anyway, he considered smoking and drinking as totally unnecessary diversions from sensible work; he was an ascetic who put all his money and as far as his job and health permitted, all his time and energy into painstakingly hard work …work for Fluxus.”