Milan Milojevic – artist’s book – Apocolypto Calypso (1992)


Apocalypto Calypso (1992)



The conflict known as The Bulkan War was in its first year when the artist produced Apocolypto Calypso. It depicts a world afire with bombs raining down, a volcano spewing lava, sulfur clouds bursting, ships sinking and sharks circling. Dogs of war stand guard, one at either end, ensuring there is no escape. As they egg on the destruction victims their barking spits victims into the war torn landscape. Despite all of this it is tempting to be enchanted by the beautiful and colourful lithographic panorama of Milojevic’s concertina book.
Handcoloured lithograph, cardboard covers with colour photocopies. 23×23.5cm (23×97.5 open). Edition AP.
The artist.

Grahame, Noreen (ed.) 1994, BEWARE books by artists, Numero Uno Publications. (p. 43) (1st ab+mf)

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions