Little Cockroach Press
Various artists (1996-2000)

Series of 20 artists’ pamphlets, originally distributed free-of-charge by Art Metropole to recipients between April 1996 and July 2000.
Dedicated to the memory of Jorge Zontal of General Idea.

artists and titles

#1 Stan Douglas Television Talk
#2 Matthias Hermann Magazine
#3 Stephen Clayton Ellwood I hear the Strain of a Strutting Chanticleer
#4 Roderick Buchanan Yankees
#5 Emma Kay Paperback
#6 Alfredo Jaar August 29, 1994
#7 Stephen Willats Shopping Parade – Bilton Road – Stills from the Film
#8 James Carl Legend
#9 Katie Bush Katie Gets Wet
#10 Zoe Leonard Ladies and Gentlemen
#11 David Shrigley Centre – Parting
#12 Lucy Pullen & Sandy Potnikoff Untitled
#13 John Waters 12 Assholes and a Dirty Foot
#14 Andrew Hunter Billy’s Journal
#15 Harvey Manning Concrete Warriors
#16 Linda M. Montango The Wisdom of Mataji & Bapuji
#17 Maurizio Nannucci Freeezer
#18 AA Bronson & Matthias Hermann Untitled
#19 Janet Lobbercht Design by Troubles – a book about breaking up
#20 Sonic Youth Letter from NYC

This series, like much of what Art Metropole does, mixed established artists (AA Bronson, Stan Douglas, Alfredo Jaar, Linda Montano, Maurizio Nannucci, etc) with then-emerging talents (Kate Bush, Sandy Plotnikott, Jinhan Ko) and celebrities (filmmaker John Waters, Sonic Youth). Edition unknown. 20.4 x12.7 cm.
Art Metropol

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions