Malcolm Enright
artist’s book
piss’n’wind (the art scene)

A complete digital book. Outputed from a file to an Indigo “Eprint” and printed on Mohawk options inxwell. Entirely made from recycled images & found texts. Prepare yourselves for his usual MalEisms.

‘The wind’ is recycled images from a U.K. Dyson advert for it’s vacuum cleaner combined with ‘the piss’ part, ‘martell cordon blue’, ‘moet et chandon vintage’, ‘absolute vodka’, etc opposite the appropriate ‘windbag’, all you have to do is match them up!

‘piss’n’wind’ is part of the artist’s continuing comments on the art scene. Dedicated to Sister Mary Boneventa “she knows a good artist when she sees one”.

Signed and numbered in an edition of 20.

Grahame, Noreen (ed.)1996, artists’ books + multiples fair ‘96, numero uno publications, Brisbane. p. 17

2010 Glass Case Space, grahame galleries + editions
2017 &So… Queensland College of Art Library, Griffith University