Christopher Williams
1956 USA
Printed in Germany. Yellow / Red / Green (2014)

“Printed in Germany” exists as a stand-alone visual object and extends the artist’s conceptual and aesthetic concerns into book form. It reproduces a complete selection of the artist’s painstakingly constructed photographs and features striking graphic design in the complete absence of language, with no essay, captions, colophon or even a title page. Through clever manipulations of cropping, ordering and pagination “Printed in Germany” offers readers an original aesthetic experience and a comprehensive insight into the practise of one of today’s most thought-provoking artists while – through pure visual splendour – pushing the boundaries of the artist’s book into new realms.
Printed in Germany is made up of 3 Books – Yellow / Red / Green: 27 x 21cm. Each 372 pages with 136 colour images. Total of 3 -1116 pp. with 414 coloured illustrations, paperback.
Buchhandlung Walther König

Photobook Award der New Yorker Aperture Foundation
Winner of Photography Catalogue of the Year 2014: Christopher Williams: The Production Line of Happiness and: Printed in Germany.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions