Peter Fleishman – artist’s book – Untitled (1977)


Untitled (1977)

Five loose blue sheets contained in a simple folded white cover with five hand drawings, rubber stamped name and address of the artist stamped twice and date Sept. 1977 reproduced on front. On each sheet are printed rectangles divided into two sections. The overall length of the combined sections is 15 x 2.2cm with each section measuring 7.5cm. On the first sheet the bottom section is further halved, so that we now have three sections. The third section is further halved from top to bottom and not through the middle. The placement of the sections alters on sheets 2, 3 and four and by sheet 5 the sections it is the reverse of sheet 1 – the bottom section is now at the top and the top at the bottom. Edition unknown.
The artist.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions