Normana Wight – artist’s book – Jam Doughnuts–Fragments of Foreign Food (1989)

Jam Doughnuts – Fragments of Foreign Food (1989)

In 1978 during a visit to the V&A artists’ books collection Wight saw a smallish French cookbook c.1928 with prints by various artists. The book’s cover was shelving-type chequered paper with very elegantly type set coloured capitals and containing etchings by Bonnard, Vuillard and other artists. During that trip and a later one Wight took many photographs of food, mostly window displays.
Wight returned to the project in 1980-81. She made colour separations from these photographic slides and attempted to plan how to use them for her own cookbook. The project came to a standstill with page one because of problems of cost and how to make the book unified and “natural”. At this time the artist made a single print “The Cookbook That Never Was” and then shelved the idea, until mid-1989, when she started again with a smaller, simpler scale. Wight photocopied the original photographic images. She then collaged and wrote on them to produce new images, which she re-photographed for silkscreen transparencies for Jam Doughnuts – Fragments of Foreign Food.
Two booklets 19.5 x 19.0 x 1.9 cm housed in ‘Kodak’ box with screenprinted cover with text ‘Jam Doughnuts Fresh Daily’. Booklet covers screenprinted in 4 colours on BFK Rives. Main book, screenprinted in 12 colours, is a fixed accordion structure printed in two joined sections. The 2nd book, an open ended accordion, contains recipes screenprinted in one colour. Published by the artist in an edition of 6
Published by the artist.

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