Bookmarks VIII – Escaping the Library System – Librarians’ Bookmarks
25 September – February 2011

This is a project by the Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England. Librarians have produced bookmarks in editions of 100 for visitors to venues to take. The aim of the project is to get more people to appreciate artists’ books and to make contact with the artists who produce them. Each bookmark is stamped with the website address, which leads to the archive on UWE’s website with the artist’s statement and email/website contact details, so that the public can contact them if they wish.
One bundle of bookmarks will be placed in the bookmarks box each month at each of the venues beginning on 25th September 2010 and ending February 2011. As grahame galleries + editions is closed from from 17th December 2010 until mid February 2011, our distribution will continue a little longer than at other venues.
Please contact the artists and/or the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England to let them know how much you appreciate the project.