Marcel Broodthaers – artist’s book – A Voyage on the North Sea (1973)

A Voyage on the North Sea (1973)

A Voyage on the North Sea (1973)
Artist book illustrated with the pairing of a late-nineteenth-century amateur painting of an archetypal European ship and a twentieth-century photograph of a pleasure boat against a modern urban backdrop. It appears that Broodthaers is delivering a rigorous structural analysis based on formal and historical oppositions marking the divide between the nineteenth century and the twentieth: painting versus photography; shipping as commerce versus sailing as leisure. 15×17.5cm, 38pp, untrimmed, pages numbered verso, printed offset in an edition of 1100 copies.
Petersburg Press.

“…A book suggest-ing image as function. A book suggesting the text as function. More than a theory, the subject of this proposition refelcts a simple image of the frustration that rules the social condition of today, for example this year. Perhaps I should add that ‘le sujet brille’. M.B.” Gilissen p. 46.

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Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions