Bernadette Crockford

Concrete Poetry, 1996


Concrete Poetry
Published by the artist at the Edition and Artist Book Studio, Canberra School of Art, The Australian National University. 1996

Concrete Poetry is designed in the form of a triangle. The pages are 15 x 15 cm open. Folded into eight sections the pages measure 7.5 x 15 cm closed. Crockford utilises the triangular folds for the placement of her handset typography. The red text of the poem sometimes appears on the perimeter of a page, sometimes it runs vertically, sometimes horizontally and sometimes diagonally. In order to read Concrete Poetry the reader is forced to experiment with the reading process, not only must the reader turn the page to follow the text but also the book must be turned. Text for title page and colophon printed in black. 10 pp. 7.5 x 15 cm. Black cloth covers with black ribbon ties. Typography set in Mistral Script by Bernadette Crockford. Published in an edition of 20.

Centre for the Artist Book at grahame galleries + editions collection