Hansjörg Mayer
1943 Germany

Verlag der Augenblick / edition rot, Stuttgart. 1966
No 26 in the ‘rot’ numbered 1 – 62.


Mayer sets his typo-text for alphabetenquadrate in Futura, which builds with the unfolding of each page of this fifteen-page concertina. A beautiful Mayer piece with an introductory essay by Mathias Goeritz. Edited by Max Bense and Elisabeth Walther and printed by Hansjörg Mayer.
On back cover each rot issue is this quote in German by Ernst Bloch, ‘es gibt auch rote geheimnisse in der welt, ja, nur rote’, which translates roughly as, ‘the world holds also red secrets, actually, only red.’ 15 x 15 cm. Published in an edition of 500.