Angela Cavalieri – artist’s book – La Mia Prima Lezione (2007)

Angela Cavalieri

La Mia Prima Lezione (2007)

In La Mia Prima Lezione (My First Lesson) the artist draws on her childhood memory of learning to write in English at school in Australia at a time when Italian was her first language. The book works its way through letters to words, which finally make the sentence: scusi non capisco niente (sorry I don’t understand anything), and shows how one can be taught without understanding. Linocut print, acrylic, pen and ink. 35 x 27cm. Bound by George Matoulas. Made for Lessons in History Vol. 1 exhibition held at grahame galleries + editions in 2007. Edition 6/6.
The artist.

Collection: Centre for the Artist Book, grahame galleries + editions